Sukrin Sesame Flour, Low-carb high protein gluten free flour for baking

A gluten-free flour with fine- white appearance- rich in minerals- made from fat-reduced sesame seeds. Sesame flour includes ample minerals and vitamins: 75 grams of sesame flour will fully cover the recommended daily allowance of magnesium- iron and zinc. It also provides calcium and vitamin E. Sesame flour contains high antioxidants properties because of the presence of natural sesame antioxidants –sesamol and sesamolina.

  • Raw and Cold-Pressed
  • Gluten Free 
  • Low Fat, Low Carb 
  • High Protein
  • Mild Tasting
  • Grain Free 

Nutrition per 100g

Energy kj/kcal 1697kj/405kcal
Fat 19
Carbohydrate 6
-of which sugars 0
Dietary Fibre 15
Protein 46
Salt 0


Fat-reduced finely ground sesame seeds.

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